Manufacturing Ethics

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Sweatshops and pollution are usually the result of traders sourcing cheap, unethically-produced fabric at low cost and putting their name on it. We think this practice is wrong, and we launched Icebreaker to help prove it's possible to create a clothing company that respects people and nature.

We buy merino fibre directly from growers and take responsibility for every step of the production process.

We chose our manufacturing partners very carefully, and monitor them to see they meet our strict ethical requirements.

Our manufacturers are required to demonstrate strong business ethics, and have an up-to-date manufacturing plant and access to the latest technology.

They must be part of, or working towards, a global quality assurance programme (such as ISO 9001). They must also be part of, or working towards, a global environmental assurance programme (such as ISO 14001), and/or comply with Oeko-Tex environmental standards for textiles.

Manufacturers must also be working to incorporate sustainable practices into their business.

We require our manufacturers to respect their workers and provide them with a caring, community environment that includes good natural light, clean air and healthy working conditions. Workers are paid above the prevailing minimum wage, given three meals a day and offered accommodation if necessary.